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Mandeep Sahota

New Rochelle, NY

Meniscal Surgery

Meniscal Surgery

When you have someone in your network it makes staying on your True North much easier.

One random day doing an activity you love doing - and by taking one step in the wrong direction things are never the same after that. My right knee felt immediate pain and it became difficult to take a step. The first thing you do ... Ice and Advil to get through the night.

The swelling continued to increase and taking steps became that much more difficult. With the help of the ONS team I was able to get an immediate appointment with Dr. Cunningham (on his day off).

From the first steps of arriving at the facility to the complete care provided it was a fantastic experience - at all the touch-points you felt as a patient of the ONS family and not just a Customer. Over the next 3-4 months, the surgery, therapy, and follow-up checks were completed with the utmost attention to my recovery.

In 2017, I was able to do majority of the activities I love and able to move on from needing the ONS support. The good thing is that I have added a new member in my network to keep me on my True North.

Thank you,
Mandeep Sahota

ONS Physician

MD James G. Cunningham

MD James G. Cunningham

Sports Medicine, Shoulder & Knee Surgeon

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